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A leading chemistry-driven CRMO

As a leading chemistry-driven CRMO, Z IntellecChem&Tech.Co.,Ltd provides global pharmaceutical companies with innovative, reliable and end-to-end process R&D and manufacturing services withadvanced intermediates, APIs, fomulations acrossclinical stage to commercial stagemanufacturing.


With a multifunctional production area of 2000㎡, stock area of 2000㎡, and a clean room of 1000㎡, the production base is equipped with over 60 pharmaceutical reactors. The reaction volume totals to over 50 m³. The production base creates over 50 ton high-value intermediates annually. Each reactor is equipped with independent return-flow, emptying, nitrogen system and vacuum piping, which enables the reactors to combine flexibly according to different production needs.

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Z IntellecChem
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