API & Intermediates Manufacturing

Preclinical to commercial production solutions

No matter your need at any stage of your project – from preclinical kg scale production of toxicological batches, up-scaled clinical manufacture, or commercial manufacture on tonne-scale – our powerful production capacity and flexibility provides effect quality solutions. In addition, our experienced technical team can achieve seamless connection ranging from laboratory scale, pilot scale up to commercial production, and ensure that your production process can be quickly transferred.


Advanced technologies

Z IntellecChem&Tech has maintained continuous investments and efforts to apply the most challenging technologies to GMP-compliant production. We are acutely aware of the challenges and risks that laboratory-scale reactions can experience as the project scales up and our experienced production team leverages their years of industry experience to help customers resolve these challenges.


Analysis support

Our laboratory has a high-quality technical team and management team. Many experts have been engaged in related research in well-known foreign service organizations for many years. They are familiar with the technical requirements of FDA, EU and Chinese Pharmacopoeia for drug analysis and testing, providing companies and research institutes effective technical services.

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