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Long term commitment to pharmaceutical intermediates technology research and development and production

Z IntellecChem & Tech. Co., Ltd has been committed to the technical research and development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates for a long time. The company has independent intellectual property rights of new drug research and development. All the members of the research team are from Nankai University and Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry. The company has 10 synthetic laboratories, 4 instrumental analysis laboratories and 3 high activity laboratories. It can undertake R & D work of multiple projects at the same time. It has established long-term R & D cooperation relationship with many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises in the United States and Europe, so that the company's strength is constantly strengthened and has certain influence in the international pharmaceutical intermediate market. Relying on the technical advantages of the group company, it mainly provides pharmaceutical raw materials, advanced intermediate R & D, production, customized processing services, research and development of innovative drugs and Chinese preparation business. The total investment of phase I is about 6 million US dollars. The plant covers a total area of 45000 square meters. The construction area of phase I plant is 5000 square meters, covering multi-functional synthesis workshop, purification workshop, hydrogenation synthesis workshop, quality inspection center, warehouse, raw material warehouse, sewage treatment station and power station. The developed products have the international leading position in technology and achieved great success in the market.

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